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Curated Gift Guide

Our curated gift guide showcases some of our handpicked favourites, perfect for treating your loved ones and showing them your love and appreciation. Our homes have become our sanctuaries this year, more than ever so a gift for the home is the perfect way to celebrate the importance of our living spaces.

We're here to ensure that your festive season is as stress-free as it is stylish so please email us at if you have any questions. We hope you enjoy our selection and we wish you a stylish and happy holiday season. 

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Woven BasketBuhera Bowl Basket Natural
Buhera Bowl Basket Natural Sale priceFrom £95.00
Sold outOrnament Ornament
Lozi Container Sale price£360.00
Sold outOrnament Ornament
Lozi Container | Zambia Sale price£295.00
Senufo Stool;Senufo Stool
Mini Senufo Two Leg Stool Sale price£465.00
Coconut Shell Sculpture
Coconut Shell Necklace Sale price£330.00
Sold outCushionCushion
Off White Sale price£175.00
Cocoa Sale price£165.00
Sold outCushionCushion
Dazzled Stripes Sale price£200.00
Painted Dog Sale price£195.00
Sold outCushionCushion
Namibian Dunes Sale price£250.00
Dinner Set
Sand & Steel Set Sale price£350.00
Dinner SetDinner Set
Sand Storm Set Sale price£350.00