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Our Story

Our Story Begins in Africa... 

Our story begins in Africa. We were born in South Africa and although our family moved to the UK when we were children, our hearts belong to the African continent where we spent all our free time at the family farm or in the bush. We love the free spirit of old world living, with the peace and contentment that comes with connectivity to nature and simplistic living.  

Khayni is modern living with old soul, offering a chance to restore your living space and reconnect with traditional ways without compromising on the ease of modern life.

We carry a unique curation of the finest vintage and antique objects with old souls. From curated essentials to statement pieces, our thoughtfully edited collections provide you with soulful styling pieces for anywhere in the home. We source well-crafted objects from local and global artisans often from very remote and rural communities. We also invest and work with community artisans who now work in modern environments to clean, polish and restore our vintage and antique objects where extra love and care is needed to ensure that the objects will last you years to come.

We believe in a sustainable approach to all that we do and ensure that all pieces are sustainably and ethically sourced. We work with the well-established structure of African buyer and trading networks, who are often members of the communities. That way local customs are respected and a fair price, as set by the artisans and traders, is paid for the goods so that their businesses can make profits to help to improve the social and economic conditions of their communities as well as ensuring a large network of people profit from the trade. We do not believe in undercutting these traditional customs and going directly to communities to barter cheap prices to make more profit and sell goods at unsustainable prices to generate higher sales which contributes to the modern business practise of fast interiors as this is detrimental to the communities, economies and environment.

Our vintage and antique objects sit alongside our very own line of exclusively designed and Made by Khayni collections. Our Made by Khayni collections are designed and crafted with old souls in mind. We work with artisans that continue to use traditional craftsmanship, with techniques passed down generations and who understand how to balance their established artistry with modern methods. We also work with a range of natural and sustainably sourced materials of the highest quality. Our Made by Khayni collections are investment pieces that will age well over time, so you, your family and home can add your soul to them over generations.

At the heart of what we wish to achieve with Khayni, is to make curated antique and vintage objects with old souls which are hard to source accessible for everyone to enjoy, as well as to design and create new quality-driven collections that are within reach of those who desire them. We hope to reconnect your living space to traditional ways and in turn, you are able to create a home that brings you peace, comfort and grounding in our modern world.

Tarryn & Shaun