Our Story Begins in Africa...


Our story begins in Africa. We were born in South Africa and although our family moved to the UK when we were children, our hearts belonged to the African continent and we spent all our free time at the family farm outside Johannesburg or in the bush. We love its peace, its ability to ground us in a hectic world and its healing powers. Send us to the bush for a week and we come back complete.

Growing up, we worked together in the family restaurant business. The long hours and busy scheduled were challenging but made us realise that we made a great brother and sister team. And it was while working on the interior design for one of our restaurants, that Tarryn, who had studied textiles as a student, realised her passion and talent for interiors. It was a passion that grew, and in 2019 the idea of Khayni was born. 

Blending two worlds and two aesthetics: the raw integrity and calming neutral tones of the African bush, with the sleek, elegant lines of modern design, Khayni offers a unique style approach. Superior quality material, and unending attention to detail and a sophisticated eye of colour, come together to deliver a unique homeware collection that works from city to country to coast. 

But it is more than just an aesthetic. Khayni offers a chance to create a sanctuary in your home. Born of our love of nature and nurturing qualities of the bush, Khayni is a way to introduce comforting luxury into your home. Beautiful, contemporary interiors do not need to be devoid of meaning and soul, so we have sourced original products, rich with history from African and Indonesia, to sit alongside our own exclusive designs and seamlessly blend tradition with modernity.

Working with local tradesmen and photographers, we want to ensure sustainability is respected, that a fair price, as set by the artisan, is paid for the goods so that their businesses can make profits to help to improve the social and economic conditions of their communities. At the heart of what we wish to achieve with Khayni, is to shine a light on the beauty of the natural world, celebrate local and traditional craftsmanship and to make these carefully curated pieces more accessible for everyone to enjoy.

The name Khayni was inspired by the Zulu word, Khanya, meaning light. We hope to bring warmth, light and simple living into your home. 

Tarryn & Shaun