Turkana Bowl


Turkana bowls are one of our favourites, each bowl has been hand-carved from indigenous wood by women of the Turkana community in Kenya. Turkana bowls are known for their distinctive and unique shapes, showcasing the artisanal wood working skills of the Turkana people.

Authentic, vintage wooden bowls from global communities are increasingly rare to curate, making them perfect investment pieces. This bowl would have been used to prepare and serve food or used for storage for many years before becoming part of someone private collection. The bowl have been lovingly repaired with traditional techniques in keeping with its original authenticity. We love the beautiful tonal hues, wear and patina of this bowl.

Style as a decorative sculptural piece of as a soulful storage choice for anywhere in the home.

 Dimensions Cm Inches
Height 18 7.1
21 - 23 8.3 - 9.1

Please note this piece has sold. As a one off and one-of-a-kind piece it will not be coming back in stock. We recommend purchasing an alternative from our in stock collections whilst they are still available.

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