Namji Fertility Doll | Small No.1 | Cameroon


The Namji people of North West Cameroon are famous for their wooden dolls. The Namji Fertility dolls are considered to be amongst the finest and most beautiful of the African dolls. Fertility dolls were traditionally given to young girls to look after and help prepare for their roles as mothers. The dolls are works of art, hand carved from wood and then decorated with Cowrie shells and colourful beads which makes each doll entirely unique.

The style of the dolls hat may vary, please email us at if you have a preferred style and we can advise which style we have in stock.

Style in sets with other necklaces or accessories.
Height from 21-29cm

If we do not have the item in stock lead times may vary as these pieces are specially curated. Please email us at and we can advise the lead time for new stock and availability to pre-order. 

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