Turkana Bowl | No. 4 | Kenya

The Turkana people of Kenya have a beautiful artisanal touch to all of their pieces and this Turkana bowl is no exception. They are renowned for their exceptional wood carving skills.
Due to their nomadic lifestyle, household goods had to be lightweight, durable and portable. Turkana bowls are particularly special as they come in a variety of shapes, styles and wood colours. Often the bowls have a distinctive and unusual flared lip which is the result of an intensive process where the wood is softened with water and then bound with strips of leather which are tightened over a period of time until the desired shape is achieved.
Their specialness is also reflected in the repair work which makes each bowl so unique. This bowl has a distinctive metal repair work.
Style as a shelf or table accessory.  
Height 28cm
Width 25cm
Length 26cm

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