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Nyangatom Headrest No.1

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Historically headrests date back to ancient times and in East Africa they are used by pastoral nomadic people. They are considered to be one of the most important of their few possessions that they travelled with. Whilst used primarily to rest their heads upon whilst sleeping, protecting them from dust and insects as well as preserving elaborate coiffures. They also have spiritual powers which evoke dreams. They were extremely personal to the owner, never lent to others and highly prized.

This unique headrest comes from the Nyangatom people that reside in Ethiopia. Hand-carved from indigenous wood, with unique handle details, and a beautiful organic shape. We love the patina that comes after years of use and the stunning shine that the wood has taken on as a result. 

We love headrests for their soulful connection to their makers and the unique details that make each one special. Headrests are also increasingly rare to come across so finding a beautiful one to become part of your collection is truly special. Style as a sculptural decorative piece anywhere in the home.

 Dimensions Cm Inches
Height 18 7.1
Length 21 8.3
Width 15 5.9

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