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Namji Doll


The Namji people of North West Cameroon are famous for their wooden dolls. The Namji Fertility dolls are considered to be amongst the finest and most beautiful of the African dolls. Fertility dolls were traditionally given to young girls to look after and help prepare for their roles as mothers. The dolls are works of art, hand carved from wood and then decorated with Cowrie shells and colourful beads which makes each doll entirely unique.

This vintage Namji doll has a hand-carved wooden base which is then embellished with beaded and shell details by hand. We love the unique shape and traditional design of this doll which indicates a more original style of dolls. Style as a structural art piece anywhere in the home.

 Dimensions Cm Inches
Height 50 19.7
Width 18 7.1
Depth 9 3.5

Please note this piece has sold. As a one off and one-of-a-kind piece it will not be coming back in stock. We recommend purchasing an alternative from our in stock collections whilst they are still available.

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