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Karamajong Headrest No.6

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This elegant and sculptural headrest is part of an incredibly special collection of pieces which took 8 years to curate and is an incredibly rare find. The Karamajong people are nomadic cattle herders and have excelled in the craft of small, easy to carry objects. Headrests and stools are amongst their most precious objects. Whilst they have practical use of protecting the users coiffure and head when sleeping, they also signify age, gender and status. 

The headrest has been hand-carved from a 'found form' branch, selected on their natural unique and organic shape which is then emphasises with carving. They are very personal items that embody the soul of the owner and are believed to invoke dreams and hold spiritual powers. 

The wood has taken on a beautiful patina and wear over use and time with natural imperfections. Style as a sculptural decorative piece anywhere in the home.

 Dimensions Cm Inches
Height  18 7.1
Length 48 18.9
Width 19 7.5

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