A New Perspective


Scouring the watery wonderland that is the Okavango Delta from a helicopter brings with it a new perspective on well-known landscapes and opportunities to find special patterns from above. Photographer and guide, Mike Sutherland found the shades of grey, white and blue on the edge of a drying pan system, one of these special moments capturing this unique image. 

This photo is designed with a raw walnut wood frame.

Style with our True Wildness collection for a striking and unique set of aerial shots that will take your wall art to new heights. The neutral, earthy tones of the images, framed with raw walnut wood make these the perfect fit for any room, making a spectacular long art wall display side by side, or alternatively stagger the spacing for a unique wall feature.

Total frame size 56cm height x 70cm width
Wooden frame width 3cm

Photographer | Mike Sutherland
Reserve | Mombo
Country | Botswana
Year | 2018

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