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Bath Salts

Soaking in bath salts can be incredibly powerful for recalibrating our minds and bodies and our collection of infused bath salts work to alleviate these stresses and enhance your wellbeing.  We have taken the same approach to changing needs as we did with our soap bars and created a collection of bath salts that will target specific concerns.

The wellness properties of our bath salts starts with our use of Kalahari Desert salts, which are high in minerals and purity. The salt comes from underwater springs which have formed over millions of years under ancient rock formations, forming the Kalahari basin. The beauty of this pristine environment means that these salts are not susceptible to pollution.

The next ingredient integral to bath salts is our commitment to the health benefits that magnesium has for our bodies as well as its critical role in keeping your body functioning well. We incorporate magnesium flakes or Epsom salts into all of our bath salts. Magnesium flakes are the most harmonising with our bodies, they do not contain minerals which can irritate sensitive skin and are absorbed easily, providing us with long lasting benefits. Their chloride levels help to rebalance our electrolyte and PH levels to keep our natural internal systems healthy so that we feel hydrated and energised. Epsom salts are particularly helpful with inflammation and alleviating muscle aches and body pains. This is due to sulphate within the salts which is important for our metabolic process and the healthy functioning of proteins and insulins. Then comes our signature blend of Africa’s power plants oils that are packed with high levels of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties that will heal, nourish, protect, renew and repair. We have infused all of our bath salts with a blend of Marula, Baobab and Mongongo oil. 

Lastly, we have targeted specific concerns by harnessing the power of nature’s ability to heal, nourish, restore and enhance our bodies with unique botanical blends to provide a complete collection of bath salts for a balanced approach to wellbeing. 

All of our bath salts are handmade in the UK.

Bath Salts

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