Zulu Pot | No.19 | South Africa


Our collection of vintage Zulu pots have been hand-crafted by the Zulu people of South Africa. Each pot is made by hand using clay from river banks. The clay is hand-coiled and smoothed down before it is burnished and fired in an open fire pit. 

Each pot tells the story of their maker with the unique designs influenced by their heritage and experiences, making them one-of-a-kind pieces for your home. These pots would have been used for a variety of tasks from cooking, to storage or brewing sorghum beer. Whilst our Zulu pots have been carefully restored, due to the gentle nature of ceramics and as vintage pieces, the pots may still have natural imperfections. 

Zulu pots are the perfect soulful styling piece for any space. Style with dried foliage and florals or as a decorative vase. 

 Dimensions Cm Inches
Height 23 9.1
Diameter 27 10.6

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