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Tabwa Figure No.2


This beautiful figure is part of an incredibly special collection of pieces which took 8 years to curate. These figures are increasingly rare to come by and only a handful were found during the extensive period of sourcing. 

Hand-carved from indigenous wood these sculptural abstract figures come from the Tawba people of the Lake Tanganyika region of southeastern Democratic Republic of Congo. As ancestor figures these sculptures were passed down through the family. They were cared for by family elders who kept the figures in shrines and made frequent offerings to them for the well-being of the family and its lineage. The figure's powers could be heightened by being anointed with magical medicines and they were used in a number of ways: to protect the sick from evil forces, villages from unwelcome intruders and to ascertain the guilt, or otherwise, of a defendant.

Perfect for styling as a sculptural piece for anywhere in the home.

 Dimensions Cm Inches
34 13.4
11 4.3
Depth 11 4.3

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