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Karamojong Headrest | Uganda


This elegant vintage headrest comes from the Karamojong people of Uganda. Its value is not only in its striking beauty and skill of being hand carved from one piece of wood, but also from its scarcity. Today, Karamojong headrests are very rare to come across, making them an extremely special styling piece. 
Historically headrests date back to ancient times and in East Africa they are used by pastoral nomadic people. They are considered to be one of the most important of their few possessions that they travelled with. Whilst used primarily to rest their heads upon whilst sleeping, protecting them from dust and insects as well as preserving elaborate coiffures. They also have spiritual powers which evoke dreams. They were extremely personal to the owner, never lent to others and highly prized.

 Dimensions Cm Inches
Height 13 5.1
Width 8 3.1
25 9.8

Please note this piece has sold. As a one-off and one of a kind piece it will not be coming back in stock. We recommend purchasing an alternative from our in stock collections whilst they are still available.

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