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Hoe Currency


This hoe currency comes from the Cameroon. Hand-crafted from copper, bronze, iron and brass in a beautiful organic paddle shape. Hoe currency has a functional design with the shape and weight of the blade being crafted to local farming conditions where it was used. Hoe currency varied in value, but most often it was used as bridewealth. Bridewealth is the exchange of currency or valuable goods and services to acknowledge all that the bride brings to her husband and his family, including the hope of descendants. 

We love this rare and unique currency as a statement accessory to style with.

 Dimensions Cm Inches
Height 43 16.9
Width 16
Depth 10 3.9

Please note this piece has sold. As a one-off and one of a kind piece it will not be coming back in stock. We recommend purchasing an alternative from our in stock collections whilst they are still available.

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