Dazzled Stripes


Our Dazzled Stripes cushion is inspired by one of Africa’s most iconic animals, the Zebra. The hide of a Zebra is another example of the timeless elegance of nature’s form. Named after, not only how dazzling the textile pattern is but also after the terms given to a group of Zebras - a Dazzle - as their distinctive hides are used for practical purposes to confuse predators.
Our Dazzled Stripes cushion is designed to be styled with Khaki Fever, African Earth or Silent Hunter on the same couch or styled in a room with Elephants Trunk or Wildebeest Grey on different chairs.
60cm x 60cm
Cotton textile.
Dry cleaning not recommended. Maintain fabrics by brushing off dirt before it becomes embedded, wipe up water spills as soon as they occur, or spot clean after stains occur. Only spot clean with a soft sponge or natural coloured cloth.

If we do not have the cushion in stock please email us at if you would like to check lead times and availability for pre-orders.

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