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Camel Bell Currency No.2


These Camel bells are from the Darod people from Somalia. For centuries camels have been the backbone of the Somalian economy, symbolising the nomadic lifestyle with traditional uses for milk and transport, as well as being highly prized possessions.
The wooden bells are hand-carved with a wooden peg inside the bell and finished with a leather or rope braided strap. Whilst their simplicity and lack of embellishment reflects their practical purpose, they hold great significance and are often featured in Somalian poetry and literature.

Style as a sculptural decorative piece anywhere in the home.

 Dimensions Cm Inches
Height 32 12.6
13 5.1
9 3.5

Please note this piece has sold. As a one off and one-of-a-kind piece it will not be coming back in stock. We recommend purchasing an alternative from our in stock collections whilst they are still available.

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